Welcome to the DarkRoom project!

The DarkRoom project provides 3D tracking of arbitrary objects. It is based on the HTC vive lighthouse system, though except for the two lighthouses, the project is completely independent from proprietary content. We documented our project on hackaday aswell: https://hackaday.io/project/19570-htc-vive-lighthouse-custom-tracking

Relevant Background Information and Pre-Requisits


A user should be familiar with linux and the ROS build procedure.

A developer should have experience in c++ and be familiar with ROS and arduino. For understanding the fpga code, a developer needs to get familiar with verilog and vhdl.

A user will probably receive a ready system, consisting of:
  • two HTC lighthouses
  • a tracked object
A developer will need the following components:
  • two HTC lighthouses
  • one altera de0-nano fpga
  • one breakout board and a couple of wires and resistors
  • one esp8266
  • one imu MPU6050
  • one-many custom made lighthouse sensors